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Meade County Storage

10x30 Storage Units

A 10x30 is great for boats or vehicles.

10x30 Storage Units

8x15 Storage Units

An 8x15 is the most popular size for a storage unit. Furniture for a small apartment can usually fit in this unit.

8x15 Storage Units

RV Storage

If your RV won't fit in our 15x40, you've got a huge motor home. No worries, we have secure parking for your tag axle pusher or semi truck.

RV Storage

5x7 Mini Storage Unit

A 5x7 storage unit is perfect for small garden equipment, dirt bikes, or perhaps a spare bedroom's worth of furniture. Call to check what we have available.

5x7 Mini Storage Unit

15x40 Giant Storage Unites

There are few storage units this big anywhere in the County. When you need the room, you need the room.

15x40 Giant Storage Unites


Meade County Storage is surrounded by barbed wired fencing and protected by video surveillance. You will be able to access your property any time you need to. 

24/7 Convenient, and Completely Secure.

Make Your Home Feel Bigger

At Meade County Storage, we'll safely & security store your excess stuff, leaving you more room in your place for your family to enjoy.


641 Ready Mix Rd.

Brandenburg, KY 40108

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Why choose Mead County Storage LLC?

Mead County Storage LLC is a friendly, family-owned storage unit facility. We are big enough to offer you the amenities you want in your storage units while being small enough to know your name. Mead County storage has a variety of sizes and rates, so you can find a storage unit that fits your needs right here in your own backyard.


Do I really need a storage unit?

Storage units are a great option for keeping your belongings all in one place. When you are buying or selling a house or moving from one rental property to another, it is common for move-out and move-in dates not to line up. This means that you have all of your stuff with no place to put it! Our climate-controlled facility is perfect for short-term storage in cases like this.

Or maybe you don’t have enough square footage to store all of your seasonal items inside your home. Holiday décor, winter clothing, and even spare tables and chairs that you keep for big family meals take up a lot of space in your closets and garage. If you only use such items at certain times of the year, taking advantage of mini-storage is a great option.  Our drive-up access storage units are perfect for keeping cars, boats, or ATVs safe if you don’t have a garage or street parking where you live. Not only will your vehicles be protected from the elements, but they will be under lock and key, safe from vandalization or theft.


Why should I choose self-storage units instead of working with on-demand storage?

Self-storage is an ideal choice for anyone looking to make space in their home or keep all of their belongings in one place. Unlike choosing a big company to come haul your things away and store them at a giant warehouse, a mini-storage option gives you total control.


Once you place your items in your unit, there is no transportation or changing of hands with your things, which means there is zero chance that your belongings will be damaged. Unlike on-demand storage, you can access your things on your schedule: no waiting around for someone to pull your unit out of a warehouse!


What size storage units do you have available?

We offer a variety of sizes to fit the needs of each of our customers:  5x7 feet, 8x15 feet, and 15x40 feet. Whether you only need space to keep a few boxes of your kids’ clothing or you want to store your classic car, we have a space that is perfect for you. Call now to check availability and see if we have what you need.


How do you keep my storage units secure?

The security of our mini-storage facility is our top priority because your belongings are our top priority! The first level of protection lies in our security fencing surrounding the property. Our units are built with high-quality pull-down doors that are meant to keep your belongings in and everything—and everyone—else out. Past that, we employ video surveillance. Everything that happens on our property is filmed, so you can rest assured that if the worst-case scenario takes place, we have video evidence that we can provide to the proper authorities.


Are your storage units climate controlled?

Yes, we offer climate-controlled storage units. Extreme heat, cold, and humidity wreak havoc on stored items. We provide climate-control amenities so when you store with us, you can trust that your things will remain in excellent condition.


Do your storage units have drive-up access?

Yes. Our facility has drive-up access. We chose our location so that you could unload and load your belongings with ease directly from your vehicle. Our gravel driveway ensures that even on the rainiest day, you won’t have to deal with the mud and muck. 


Do your storage units have electrical outlets?

Yes! Unlike on-demand storage or other mini-storage companies, we offer units with electrical outlets. We take our customer’s needs into consideration when choosing what amenities to provide, including the addition of outlets.


Will I have to climb up stairs to access my storage units?

Absolutely not. Our facility is built on the ground floor, providing easy access to your unit. Our single-story facility means that everyone can store their things without having to worry about stairs or elevators.


What hours can I access my storage units?

One of the benefits of choosing self-storage is that you can access your things on your time. Our location offers 24/7 accesibility, so you can visit your storage units whenever it is most convenient for you. Our gated access means that even in the middle of the night, you can securely load or unload your things.


Can I store my boat or vehicle in your units?

Certainly! Many of our customers choose our larger storage units specifically so they can safely and securely store their boats, cars, and ATVs. Because of amenities like our ground floor access and climate control, our storage units are the perfect place to keep boats or cars that need protection from the heat, cold, and rain. Our 10x10 units are perfect for four wheelers and off-road vehicles, while our larger sized units are great for your boats or cars.



Mead County Storage LLC is proud to be the top choice for climate-controlled storage units in the area. Our family-owned business prioritizes safety, security, and customer satisfaction. That means we take every precaution when it comes to keeping our location safe and secure for you. We offer the amenities you want and need at our facility with 24/7 access, and we promise the most competitive prices on the market. Call now to check availability!

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